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Narendra Modi : Uptodate list of E-Articles published in ‘Observer Research Foundation’ Each Article with different author 2020 View
Narendra Modi and the Power of Television in Gujarat:16(4):In Research Gate, April, 2015,PP.346-353 Christophe Jaffrelot 2015-04 View
Narendra Modi and India’s Normative Power: In International Affairs 93(1), PP. 113-131 Ian Hall 2017-01 View
Narendra Modi Biography: Encyclopaedia Britannica Shanthie Mariet D'Souza 2020-04-08 View
Narendra Modi and his mode of governance: In Journal Journal of Asian Public Policy Volume 9, Issue 2, PP.95-97 Jagannath P. Panda 2016 View
Know the PM PMO Uptodate View
Mann ki Baat: Joint radio address (Printed) Narendra Modi/ Barack Obama 2015-01-27 View
Economic Times: Global Business Summit: Speech (printed) Narendra Modi 2016-01-29 View
The NewYorker:Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India The Prime Minister’s Hindu-nationalist government has cast two hundred million Muslims as internal enemies. Dexter Filkins 2019-12-02 View
Twenty-Five Years of Indian Economic Reform Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar View
Spain’s current standing in India: its image and political relations Rubén Campos Palarea 2015 View
India Matters Emer Coyle, Mona Lotten, John Dubber View
The kashmir uprising India-Pakistan relations Happymon Jacob 2016 View
Doing Business in Iran 2017 EEPC India 2017 View
Rebooting Indian Real Estate NDA Government 2015 View
Modi’s Idea of India Pankaj Mishra 2014 View
The Decline of the Congress Party in Indian Politics Praveen Rai & Sanjay Kumar 2017 View
India’s Look East Policy: Challenges and options for Pakistan Raja Qaiser Ahmed 2015 View
Should we Trash cash? John Lanchester 2017 View
The Asia-Africa Growth Corridor: An India-Japan Arch in the Making? Jagannath Panda 2017 View
India – UAE Relations: New Dimension to Strategic Partnership Meena Singh Roy & Md. Muddassir Quamar 2017 View
Rise of the Political Right in India: Hindutva‐Development Mix, Modi Myth, and Dualities Nitasha Kaul 2017 View
#NaMo: The Political Work of the Selfie in the 2014 Indian General Elections Anirban K. Baishya 2015 View
Making India? The Labour Law Reforms of Narendra Modi’s Government Jens Lerche 2015 View
India as a Leading Power Ashley J. Tellis 2016 View
Modi: Two Years On Aparna Pande, Husain Haqqani 2016 View
Understanding modi and minorities: The BJP-led NDA government in India and religious minorities Kim H. 2017 View
Transforming the unbound elephant to the lovable Asian hulk: Why is modi leveraging India’s soft power? Tandon A. 2016 View
The ‘Modi Wave’: Behind the Results of the 2014 General Elections in India Torri M. 2015 View
Security Challenges Faced by the Modi Administration in the Indo-Pacific Region Mukherjee K. 2016 View
Reading Modi’s Visit to Israel Kumaraswamy P.R. 2018 View
Prime minister modi in Britain Srinivasan K. 2016 View
Pragmatism in Indian foreign policy: how ideas constrain Modi Miller M.C., de Estrada K.S. 2017 View
New Delhi at sea: The China factor in the Indian ocean policy of the modi and singh governments Chaudhuri P.P. 2016 View
Narendra Modi’s Pakistan policy: A case of old wine in old bottles Mazumdar A. 2017 View
Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh policy and India-Bangladesh relations: Challenges and possible policy responses Kashem M.A., Islam M.S. 2016 View
Modi’s Make in India drive: Right time to give a national call to become global manufacturing Hub Rawat S.R., Dushyanth S., Kediya A., Dhruvastha P. 2016 View
Modi’s foreign policy fundamentals: a trajectory unchanged Basrur R. 2017 View
Modi’s social welfare policy: a critical enquiry Mishra B.K. 2016 View
Modi Planning: What the NITI Aayog Suggests about the Aspirations and Practices of the Modi Government Sengupta M. 2015 View
Minimum Government, Maximum Governance: The Restructuring of Power in Modi’s India Ruparelia S. 2015 View
Mann Ki Baat: Radio as a Medium of Communication by the Indian Premier, Narendra Modi Saxena S. 2016 View
Is a ‘Modi doctrine’ emerging in Indian foreign policy? Hall I. 2015 View
Indo-US relations under Modi: the strategic logic underlying the embrace Pant H.V., Joshi Y. 2017 View
House Matters: The BJP, Modi and Parliament Sen R. 2015 View
Has Modi Truly Changed India’s Foreign Policy? Ganguly S. 2017 View
Early Trends and Prospects for Modi’s Prime Ministership Maiorano D. 2015 View
China-India Relations under Modi Jha P.S. 2017 View
Banalities Turned Viral: Narendra Modi and the Political Tweet Joyojeet Pal 2015 View
Organizing Popular Discourse with and against the Media: Notes on the Making of Narendra Modi and Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Leaders-without-Alternative Britta Ohm 2015 View
Narendra Modi and the Power of Television in Gujarat Christophe Jaffrelot 2015 View
Narendra Modi and India’s normative power Hall, Ian 2017 View
Narendra Modi’s Pakistan and China policy: assertive bilateral diplomacy, active coalition diplomacy Bajpai, Kanti 2017 View
Modi Means Business TIME Magazine 2012 View
Make India Innovative and Competitive.. Narendra Modi SRM University 2014 View
Modi’s many tasks The Economist 2016 View
Narendra Modi : India’s most controversial and misunderstood politician G L Jalali View
The remaking of Narendra Modi Ross Colvin and Satarupa Bhattacharjya 2013 View
Modi, India and the emerging global economic order Chietigj Bajpaee 2016 View
Narendra Modi’s China policy: between pragmatism and power parity Jagannath P. Panda 2016 View
Withering regulation? An interim review of Modi government’s labour reforms Suresh T. Gopalan 2016 View
Modi-nomics and the politics of institutional change in the Indian economy Jivanta Schöttli & Markus Pauli 2016 View
Narendra Modi and the new education policy: retrospection, reform and reality Madhulika Sharma 2016 View
Modi’s social welfare policy: a critical enquiry Bikram Keshari Mishra 2016 View
Narendra Modi and Northeast India: development, insurgency and illegal migration M. Amarjeet Singh 2016 View
Narendra Modi between Hindutva and subnationalism: The Gujarati asmita of a Hindu Hriday Samrat Christophe Jaffrelot 2016 View
Narendra Modi’s makeover and the politics of symbolism Ronojoy Sen 2016 View
Modi’s idea of India-1 Sol Goldman 2016 View
How Narendra Modi Wants to Change India Nikhil Kumar 2015 View
Indian Real Estate: The Modi Impact Jll 2015 View
Economics in Narendra Modi’s Foreign Policy Amitendu PALIT 2015 View
India’s Neighbourhood Policy: Challenges and Prospects Angana Das 2016 View
Diplomacy and Image-Building: India Rides on its Soft Power Stéphanie M.-L. Heng 2016 View
State Visit of Mr Narendra Modi : Signature of five MOUs Government Information Service, Prime Minister’s Office, Mauritius 2015 View
Narendra Modi and his mode of governance Jagannath P. Panda 2016 View
Multialignment and Indian Foreign Policy under Narendra Modi Ian Hall 2016 View
A new era of Politics of Performance begins in the leadership of PM Narendra Modi Prabhat Jha, ed. 2017 View
Narendra Modi’s makeover and the politics of symbolism Ronojoy Sen 2016 View
Leadership Lessons We Should Learn From Narendra Modi’s Governance of Gujarat GA Team 2014 View
Narendra Modi between Hindutva and subnationalism: The Gujarati asmita of a Hindu Hriday Samrat Christophe Jaffrelot 2016 View
The Modi-centric BJP 2014 election campaign: new techniques and old tactics Christophe Jaffrelot 2015 View
India, Global Emergent Actor in the 21st Century International System, Under the Modi Administration A. Madalina Virginia 2016 View
India-East Asia Relations: Acting East under Prime Minister Modi? Satu Limaye 2014 View
Indo-US Relations After Narendra Modi’s Visit Vivek Mishra 2014 View